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pad printing on ceramic cups
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Custom pad printing on ABS plastic
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Pad Printer Exposing Unit
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Peliton Pad Printing Services offers quality pad printing at affordable prices

Peliton Plastics' Pad Printing is a contract pad printer offering quality pad printing, affordable pricing and fast turn around time on a wide variety of substrates at low cost.

Our pad printer is used for printing on products that would be difficult or impossible to print using other forms of traditional printing. Surfaces that are flat, spherical, conical, convex, concave and complex combinations of shapes may be printed with the pad print method. Substrates that can be printed by pad printing include plastic, metal, ceramic, wood, textiles, glass, painted and powder coated surfaces.
Products we print using the pad printing process include, but are not limited to: promotional items, medical and automotive parts, electronic devices, coffee mugs, CDs and DVDs, and toys.

The Peliton company is conveniently located in Valdosta, Georgia (about 15 miles north of the Florida state line). Please call us if you would like to visit our facility. We will be happy to give directions or make arrangements to pick you up at Valdosta Airport.

We can also provide product final assembly, packaging and customer fulfillment.

Call us today, we will be happy to discuss your project and determine if pad printing is the right process for your printing needs.

Large and small quantity orders accepted.



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Flatbed Screen Printing
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Pad printing on Polyurethane
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A Modern Pad Printer at Pelitom
A Modern Pad Printer at Pelitom
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Silicone pads for pad printing
Silicon Printing Pads
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